ObjectiveTwain product overview
ObjectiveTwain is an ObjectiveC wrapper for TWAIN API. Forasmuch as it is MacOS X framework, it can be easily used from any of your Cocoa application for accessing any TWAIN enabled data source as scanner or digital cammera.
Build on the same native code core as Morena for MacOS X it offers the same functionality and reliability.
  • access to current value, default value and array of supported values for all capabilities of boolean, int, double and string type defined in TWAIN 1.9 specification (see TwainSource.h for a complete list of supported capabilities),
  • support for native and file transfer mode,
  • support for automatic document feeder (ADF) and duplex scanners.
System requirements
  • Apple MacOS X (10.2 or later),
  • proper version of Twain Source Manager and at least one Twain Source installed.
See www.twain.org for more information.